Suspension of the 2020 programme

We have been closely monitoring the Coronavirus situation. It is now obvious that the disease is spreading ever more quickly. Government policy is aiming to close down events and may eventually require individuals to self isolate for lengthy periods. Furthermore members and visitors will be naturally reluctant to expose themselves to unnecessary risks.

In these circumstances we have taken the decision to suspend our 2020 programme until it is safe to resume. This means that the talk on the 24th March and the Plant Sale will definitely not go ahead as scheduled. However, no decision has yet been taken on the Outing in June or the Annual Show in July. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed of our decision as soon as we can. We very much hope that the talks in September and October will proceed as will the AGM in December as hopefully things get back to some form of normality.

Our apologies go out to all members and our thanks too, not least to those who have already put in considerable efforts to arrange the programme.

Don’t forget however that you have permission to isolate yourselves in your garden and let’s hope that we can otherwise enjoy our summer there.

Stay safe,

Your Committee