Privacy Policy

The Hale and Woodgreen Horticultural Society (HWHS) holds personal details to identify and communicate with its members. We will always treat your details with the greatest of care and will never pass these on to other companies or organisations for marketing or any other purpose. Your details and consent for us to use these are collected when you take out an annual subscription with the Society and can be updated or removed at any time.

When you complete a Subscription Information form for HWHS your details are entered into a database held securely on our marketing automation platform, MailChimp. To modify your details or consent, click on the “update your preferences” link in our informational Emails. To unsubscribe, click on the “unsubscribe from this list” link.

How we use your details

To manage our membership communication and subscriptions we need to store your First Name, Surname and Email Address. You may optionally supply your Home Address and Telephone Number and these will be used as described below. When you subscribe to HWHS, you will be given details on how to pay your annual fee online or you can give a payment to any of the Committee Members. If you provide subscription details but no payment is received within 6 months of the start of the annual subscription period, your details will be removed from our system.

Email address

We would like to contact our members prior to any meetings or events to remind you of the details, location and any updated information. This information will only be supplied by Email and only if you give consent to receive HWHS information by Email. To allow this you must supply a valid Email Address on the Subscription Information form and select the option to receive information by Email. We will also send you an Email each year to ask you to re-subscribe, to remind your if payment has not been received or to ask you to confirm when your subscription details are about to be removed.

Home address

At the start of the Annual Membership period we produce a printed Calendar of Events for the year. If you have supplied a Home Address and you give consent to receive HWHS information at that address, one of the Committee Members will deliver a copy of the Calendar of Events. The Annual Subscription Fee can be collected at this time or you will be given details to pay online. No other materials will be sent to your Home Address.

Telephone number

If you have supplied a Telephone Number and you give consent to receive calls from us at that number, we will only use this option to contact you if there is an error delivering to your Email Address or we have a query regarding your Home Address.