A Walk on the Wildside?

Hale gardeners show the way

10 lovely but very varied gardens were opened to the public in support of this year’s chosen local charities. If there was a theme it was that our gardeners are heeding the concerns about our environment and the decreasing diversity of plants and wildlife… as climate change and other factors take hold and harm the world in which we live.

Working with nature to create naturalistic gardens in tune with their location, with mature trees, ponds and streams, ferns and grasses, flowering shrubs, contrasting foliage, indigenous plants and sympathetic design… all combined to showcase the very latest ideas in gardening.

With just about perfect late Spring/early Summer weather to tempt out the crowds, a steady stream of visitors toured, maps in hand, photographing, discussing and complimenting all the gardens and gardeners on their efforts and horticultural skills.

When energy levels sagged there were tasty cakes, all made by our own members, available in the Village Hall, to provide fresh impetus to complete the course. 7 hours for 10 gardens… just enough time to see them all, but time too, to sit and take it all in.

The following pictures attempt to give a feel for the gardens on show…