A great day out at Hale Open Gardens… so much better than Chelsea!

Sunday, 21st May proved to be one of our best Hale open gardens events ever, and not only because the sun shone kindly on members and visitors alike.

After much legwork and chivvying by Sharon Barnett, ably assisted by husband David, eleven gardens were volunteered by their owners for display in our biennial charity fund raising event.

Whilst the number of gardens may have dropped at the Chelsea Flower Show this year we are pleased to announce a healthy increase, and plenty to see for the public.

No gardens based on a Maltese quarry for us ( or was it a building site?)… just 11 beautiful gardens, all very different from one another. From the very small, cleverly utilising every square inch to grow flowers and vegetables, whilst having a comfortable seating area, log store and much more … to acres of woodland, populated by impressive trees, shrubs and wild garden and ponds. All the gardens exhibited their own unique characters, no two being alike. And a national collection of clematis too. What more could you ask for?

With more gardens to see, more tickets were sold, resulting in a 50% increase in the money raised for our 4 charities.In addition, our refreshment tent, run so ably by Shirley Leary and her team of volunteers and committee members, added handsomely to the total. All in all over £2,000 so far… with more to look forward to when Woodgreen gardens open on Sunday 18 June.

Photos: Thanks to Bill Shepley.