Stourhead in Autumn
© 2016 Bill Shepley

Palladian house and world-famous landscape garden

When Stourhead first opened in the 1740s, a magazine described it as ‘a living work of art’. The world-famous landscape garden has at its centrepiece a magnificent lake reflecting classical temples, mystical grottoes, and rare and exotic trees, and offers a day of fresh air and discovery.

One thought on “Stourhead

  1. Stourhead is always a great day out. probably best in Autumn, as shown here but also very good in the Spring, with naturalised bulbs, rhodos and the like. It’s a relaxing stroll around the Lake, although a bit of a steep climb down and back to the top carpark. You can drive down to the lower carpark if you don’t fancy getting too puffed.
    The House is good too, but not the main draw for most. The Restaurant is one of the NT’s better offers with something more than a jacket potato and salad! There is a pub “The Spread Eagle” (?), near the lower entrance to give more choice. Good food too.
    The prettiest route there is via Wilton, Barford St. Martin, Dinton, Teffont Evias, and up to Mere/A303. Much nicer than the alternative route with its speed cameras.
    Thanks for this pictures Bill… brought back lots of very happy memories.

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