Open Gardens

“Beyond the Garden Gate”

 Open Gardens in Hale and Woodgreen

We will again be holding our hardy biennial event again in 2019, opening gardens in both Hale and Woodgreen on separate Sundays on May 12th and June 9th respectively.

We chose the dates to reflect the differing soil conditions in the two villages and to give you more gardens to visit overall, with 2 full days of gardening enjoyment. Hale gardens are on acid soils where earlier flowering azaleas, rhododendrons and camellias do well, whilst their Woodgreen neighbours have later flowering gardens.

To give you a flavour, here are the reports and photographs from our last events in 2017:

It’s always a pleasure to share our gardening efforts with our visitors… even if we can’t guarantee perfection or weed-free gardens!


In Praise of Woodgreen Gardens

A thank you from one of many who enjoyed the gardens open for a day

Picture the views of England’s gardens seen
on Sunday at the Open Day at Woodgreen
Raising money for Hospital and schools
fifteen villagers for one day downed their garden tools.

From cottages to bungalows, houses large and small
we were welcomed so warmly wherever we called.
We saw gardens just landscaped or formed by the years
Veggie patches, raised beds, and borders in tiers.

Hostas in hues of blue, lime and cream
frothing in borders by small dappled streams.
Climbing roses in yellow,in pink and in red
climbed cottage walls, rambled over old sheds.

Graceful delphinums in shades mauve, purple and blue
lupins and foxgloves, and grasses all grew
with glorious roses and pansies, their colourful faces
all turned to the sun, bloomed all over the place.

Waterfalls splashed down to iris filled ponds
bordered by lillies where there was no sound
except for the birds, and the woof of a hound,
where the family dog welcomed visitors round.

Runner beans, garden peas, and cabbages and thyme
mixed Chillies, peppers, lettuces- cut- and- come again.
Carrots and onions sown in regimental rows,
gooseberries and strawberries in sunny places grow.

Pink Geraniums in watering cans,
an old wheelbarrow with pansies in
a rambler hides a multitude of sins.
Cactii in old pots turned on their side
We came home from your gardens
with ideas that we could use
we hope your day proved profitable
for schools, air ambulance and hospital.
We’d like to thank you too.